! Apple suspended Puffin Academy from the App Store on 6/6/2017

Apple suspended Puffin Academy from the App Store on 6/6/2017

Apple suspended Puffin Academy from the App Store on 6/6/2017.


We are working with Apple to re-instate Puffin Academy.


Here is the long story.

The rule that got Puffin Academy into trouble is App Store Review Guidelines 2.5.6 -- Apps that browse the web must use the appropriate WebKit framework and WebKit Javascript. It is a very reasonable requirement. In fact, the same rule existed in the original version of App Store Review Guidelines back from day one. The devil is in the interpretation.


When Puffin was first released in 2010, the interpretation then was based on the implicit assumption that the rules apply to "the program running on iOS devices".

Since Puffin runs web browsers on our Linux servers, Puffin Academy is not even a browser as far as the program on iOS is concerned. Fast forward 8 years, Apple's new interpretation now includes software NOT running on iOS devices, e.g., our web browser sessions running on our Linux servers. We do not think Apple can legally extend the App Store Review Guidelines to censor programs not running on iOS devices. It could simply be "an honest mistake" made by Apple.


Puffin Academy provides K-12 students with a good web browser capable of accessing valuable educational content on the iPad. Over the years, it has had more than 7 million users (5 million in the US). It is a featured app for schools to buy iPads for education. Puffin Academy is our way of giving back to the community -- it is free, without in-app purchases, and without ads. We hope Apple comes around and reinstates Puffin Academy.


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We sincerely thank you for your continued support.