! Apple suspended Puffin Academy from the App Store on 6/6/2017

New IP blocks of Puffin Academy

Dear school IT/MIS staff,


Thank you for supporting Puffin Academy over the years.


With the increasing traffic, we keep adding new IP addresses with time. 
Starting from 2016/04, Puffin Academy uses these IP ranges:


-          (1 IP)  
-   (32 IPs)

-     (32 IPs)
-     (512 IPs)
-       (512 IPs)


Please update campus firewall accordingly.


A kind reminder:


As long as all IP address ranges are whitelisted in the firewall, Puffin Academy is guaranteed to work. From experience, some people claimed they have done this but put other restrictions before the whitelist rules. That's the #1 cause why Puffin Academy gets blocked even after it has been whitelisted.


If you use firewall rules to control traffic, always make sure the whitelist rules for Puffin Academy are executed before any blacklist-like rules. Since firewall configurations are vendor/hardware/firmware specific, remember to consult firewall providers if you don't know how to do that.