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Long ago, the residents of Pacifico Island had trouble making and keeping friends.

The wise old King and Queen created the seven Friendship Stones and gave them qualities of friendship to teach the islanders: Respect, Think Ahead, Stop and Think, Communication, Check it Out, Building Friendships, and Cooperation.

The King and Queen gave these stones to leaders across the island. These stonekeepers were responsible for being true to their stone’s qualities and for sharing their stone’s message with everyone.

The King and Queen foresaw the danger: if someone were to collect all the stones and destroy them, friendship would disappear from Pacifico Island.

So, they entrusted Captain Sebastian Seymour Grin with the cooperation stone and gave him the mission to protect all the Friendship Stones if they ever fell into the hands of someone intending harm.

Today, the S.S. GRIN crew, lead by Sebastian’s granddaughter Captain Co-op, carries on that mission, and they need a new recruit.

The danger the King and Queen predicted has come true. Commander Callous and other enemies of friendship are determined to collect and destroy the stones.

The recruit must demonstrate the skills represented by each stone to earn the trust of the stonekeepers and return all seven stones safely to the ship.

The fate of Pacifico Island is in your hands!