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Muzzy BBC Languages

Muzzy is the number 1 language learning course for K-12 children

It is a multimedia, multilingual and multiplatform course.  Originally produced by the BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation - we have recently updated all its components: videos, audios, songs, games and books. Few children like the prospect of hard work, so the MUZZY platform is packed with interactive videos, games, and fun exercises to keep them engaged.

With Muzzy you can learn British English, American English, Latin-American Spanish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese (Pinyin) and Korean.

Tutors are in British English, American English, Latin-American Spanish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Korean.

All courses are bilingual, native and target language, for reading and non-reading children. Muzzy is a story, like a movie that children can watch over and over again. Through this repetition process, children start learning a language without learning grammar rules.  The unique feature of Muzzy is that it gradually introduces the language, verb tens and new words in a precise context. The course is modeled on the way we learn our own native language, so it makes learning a new one intuitive and simple to understand.

All instructions are in native audio intended for non-readers.

Muzzy is intended for families, schools and libraries. It requires very little support or help from parents or educators but a complete lesson plan and study guide is offered.

The new MUZZY has been developed using the latest scientific developments and also taking into account what parents and millions of happy customers have been telling us for the last 25 years.

Video is the key element: but not just video… there must be a story line. Have you seen your children glued to TV watching a cartoon movie over and over again? Well MUZZY is exactly that. A very nice video story. In fact there are 2 video stories (MUZZY 1 and the sequel). Children watch MUZZY over and over again. Is that bad, some parents asked us? Scientific studies tell us that this is not a bad thing! Children will expand their brains when exposed to a different language. 

We also complemented the video story with exercises (we call them games). More than a 150 of them. For reading and non-reading children. Listening and comprehension games, recording, reading, typing and some hidden grammar. 
And finally we have added a unique product: MUZZY read along for children who are just starting to read. Play start and watch as word by word the story comes to life. Stop the audio story and make children touch each and every word and they will hear them. Children will then associate a sound with written text. In our tests parents told us that they use it to teach their children to start reading in their native language. We did not plan it to be used in this way, but again a new hidden benefit of MUZZY.