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5QChannel Learn Chinese

5QChannel has a great variety of reading materials and learning tools designed for learners of Chinese.

If you have visited our homepage (LINK), you might have noticed that it leads to "Learn Chinese", "简体网站" and "正體網站". The latter two websites are animation-based, which currently have 28 series and nearly 1,000 animations online. From Chinese classics to traditional stories, we transform them into animations to make literature more interesting to "read", and readers would be motivated to learn more about Chinese culture and language.

Here "Learn Chinese" plays an important role. In "Learn Chinese" (LINK), you can choose your learning materials by series and levels. "Read Aloud" series is designed for beginning learners of Chinese, and you can find children's rhymes, Hanyu Pinyin, radical, conjunction, vocabulary and other learning tools. As for "Chinese Reading", which is for learners that already have basic knowledge of Chinese, all the stories are categorized into levels, and under each story, there are animation, 5QBook (interactive eBook adapted from the animation, supported with Hanyu Pinyin), multimedia exercises, printable story & working sheets, MP3, PPT slides and other features.

5QChannel Reading Website (5QChannel.com) has helped learners all around the world access Chinese in a fun and easy way. We transform classic Chinese literature into fun and lively animations for younger learners. The topics of our animations range from phonics to classic novels, so learners can start from the basics, such as Hanyu Pinyin, vocabulary and daily life conversation. We also design multimedia learning materials such as interactive story books and learning drills. Even better, you can download printable versions of these animated stories and multimedia exercises.

5QChannel is not only meant for learners. We also provide teaching aids for parents and teachers. In addition to the features mentioned above, you can find teaching ideas, slides, mp3 files and image resources on 5QChannel, and there will be more updates coming!

Simply by subscribing, you will have access to all the resources on 5QChannel. Our goal is to motivate younger learners to find interests and see the value of learning Chinese language and culture, and our passion gave rise to 5QChannel.