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Gooseberry Planet, teaching online safety via gaming

Gooseberry Planet is an award winning software platform which is designed to educate children, teachers and
parents about the dangers online through ‘gamification’. In other words, we offer a fully interactive and
engaging game platform from which children can learn to use the internet responsibly and safely. The
software is intended to be used both in schools and at home: it offers a child-centred and coordinated
approach to safeguarding and is totally unique as it also offers an assessment and monitoring system for both
teachers and parents. Gooseberry Planet consists of three portals that work alongside each other:
Gooseberry Student is a unique game app. The child learns through consequence and their own reaction, as
they are playing live scenarios through the game. There is also a workbook that compliments the game and
creates a conversation with the teachers and classmates. The feedback from Students has been very positive,
to the point where in some schools (who have relaxed their mobile phone usage) the game is being played
during break times and out of school.
Gooseberry Teacher sits alongside Gooseberry Student; this allows the teacher to monitor the class whilst
playing. The software will show if a student isn’t responding in the correct manner. The key is highlighting who
is potentially vulnerable. Gooseberry Teacher App is also full of resources, including workbooks, teacher plans,
handouts and much more.
Gooseberry Parent allows the parent to see how their child is reacting within the game. The resource area is
full of tips and advice for the carer to learn and be part of their child's learning journey. It also gives hints and
tips about different aspects of Internet safety.
Our software is continually being developed and improved as we strive to keep on top of trends and threats
to protect as many children as we possibly can.