Puffin Academy Tutorial

Puffin Academy on iOS will be discontinued on July 1, 2019

Thank you for your support of Puffin Academy over the years. As of July 1, 2019, Puffin Academy on iOS will be removed from the App Store. Users will no longer be able to access content and courses on flashbrowser.com from the iOS app. For details, please refer to this announcement.
  • What's Puffin Academy and Puffin Academy Program for K-12 Education?

    Puffin Academy is designed for K12 kids and teens. It's a free app and can access only approved educational web sites and contents.

    With iPad and tablets, students from K-12 can easily access educational resources on the Internet. However, many great interactive websites are developed with Adobe Flash, which is not playable on most mobile devices. To make a difference, we provide Puffin Academy web browser, the fastest Flash mobile browser, to K-12 students for Free! This service is now available globally.

    Puffin Academy always enforces site filtering by only allowing whitelisted educational websites. Publishers and Content providers need to apply for the program to add their sites to our white list. If you host educational websites for K-12 students, please join us and make your websites available to all Puffin Academy users.

  • What's the difference between Puffin Academy and Puffin Web Browser?

    Puffin Web Browser and Puffin Academy are different apps. They are both available on Apple iOS and Google Android.

    Puffin Web Browser is designed for general public. It's a paid app and can access Internet without content filtering.

    Puffin Academy is designed for K12 kids and teens. It's a free app and can access only approved educational web sites and contents (i.e. with content filtering).

  • How long will Puffin Academy last, and why to launch it?

    It will last forever! As long as there is a need.

    Destiny! It’s why CloudMosa was founded.

  • How much is the cost to use Puffin Academy for schools?

    Free to all users and content providers:

    • Free app to all users on iPhone and iPad (rated 4+).
    • Free of charge to all educational content providers.
  • What are the key features of Puffin Academy?

    For purely educational web sites only

    • Educational content providers must apply for approval
    • Once approved, contents are available to all users

    Incredible speed and Flash support

    • 500% faster than Safari and Chrome
    • Supports Flash contents & videos on iPhone and iPad
  • What's Puffin Academy Class Portal?

    Class Portal is the home page of Puffin Academy. It presents approved educational resources (web apps) to users.

    The resources are organized in a list of hierarchical directories by subjects. Teachers and students can conveniently find what they want by browsing the directories, multi-dimensional criteria filtering, or keyword search.

  • What's a web app in Class Portal?

    A web app is either an educational web site or a course listed in the directory of Class Portal.

    Web apps are distinguished by their URL addresses. Different web apps have different URL addresses.

    A web app listed in Class Portal consists of various resources, including icons, screenshots, descriptions, relevant keywords, and web links to the web site on Internet.

    These resources are provided by publishers which created from Publisher Connect. The copyright of these resources goes to its own publisher.

  • What's "Publisher Connect"?

    Puffin Academy is a "Mobile Flash Browser" for K-12 students, teachers, and parents. The Class Portal web site served by Puffin Academy provides comprehensive web apps of valuable educational resource. Publisher Connect is a FREE service for publishers to create and manage their web apps in Class Portal.

    For more information about Publisher Connect, please visit this link.

  • How can I unblock Puffin Academy?

    Please whitelist the IP ranges and TCP ports which used by Puffin Academy (listed in the FAQ below).

    Besides, please never hijack HTTPS connections, and don't block/replace the SSL certificate in HTTPS.

  • What are the IP ranges used by Puffin Academy?

    With the increasing traffic, we keep adding new IP addresses with time.

    Starting from 2016/04, Puffin Academy uses these IP ranges:

    • (1 IP)
    • (32 IPs)
    • (32 IPs)
    • (512 IPs)
    • (512 IPs)

    A kind reminder:

    As long as all IP address ranges are whitelisted in the firewall, Puffin Academy is guaranteed to work. From experience, some people claimed they have done this but put other restrictions before the whitelist rules. That's the #1 cause why Puffin Academy gets blocked even after it has been whitelisted.

    If you use firewall rules to control traffic, always make sure the whitelist rules for Puffin Academy are executed before any blacklist-like rules. Since firewall configurations are vendor/hardware/firmware specific, remember to consult firewall providers if you don't know how to do that.

  • What are the TCP/UDP ports needed by Puffin Academy?

    Puffin Academy needs TCP ports opened for HTTP(80), HTTPS(443), and UDP port for DNS(53).

  • How can I block 'Puffin Web Browser'?

    The 'Puffin Web Browser' described is not 'Puffin Academy'.

    Starting from 2016/12, to block 'Puffin Web Browser', you can simply block these IP ranges (CIDR):

  • How can I unblock 'Puffin Academy' but block 'Puffin Web Browser' at the same time?

    'Puffin Academy' and 'Puffin Web Browser' are different from each other. They use different ways to get access to Internet.

    Every school has its own firewall and content filtering system, it's impossible to have a universal way to unblock Puffin Academy but block Puffin Web Browser.

    Generally speaking, there are 2 methods depending on the capability of your firewall and content filtering system. The first method is through IP address, and the second method is by checking SSL certificate.

    In short, you have to allow IP addresses used by Puffin Academy described in above section. Then, block these IP addresses (CIDR) used by Puffin Web Browser. IP based access control is widely supported and commonly available in most firewall and content filtering systems.

    Update on 2014/11/11
    Previously, we recommend schools using "common name" (CN) of SSL certificate in firewall to unblock 'Puffin Academy'. However, the recommendation is reported to doesn't work on some devices under certain condition (E.g. on iOS 8). Thus, we no longer recommend school IT to make use of SSL certificate for blocking/unblocking.

  • How to setup default bookmarks via Mobile Device Management (MDM) system?
  • Can you add XYZ web site as a web app to Puffin Academy Class Portal?

    Puffin Academy uses whitelist to control which pages on Internet are accessible by kids.

    All web apps to be listed in Class Portal should get approval first. The web apps have to be reviewed to make sure it's a qualified educational web site.

    Besides, we need web site owner to provide the exact URL patterns to be used as whitelist before listing it on Class Portal directory.

    Please contact the web site owner or its publisher to sign up and provide necessary information for their web apps. The whole process is free.

  • How can I open a specific URL by Puffin Academy?

    Though the URL bar in Puffin Academy is not editable, you can make use of bookmark to enter the URL you want.

    To make it happen, please select "Bookmarks" from Puffin Academy. Click the "Add Bookmark", and now you can add a new link with customized URL and title.

    Even you can open any URL you want, as long as the URL is not in Puffin Academy's whitelist, you simply see the message "Web Page Blocked" when go to that address.

  • Can I know whether XYZ web site is blocked by Puffin Academy or not?

    First, you can search the web site name in Puffin Academy Class Portal. If the web site is listed in Class Portal's web apps, it's in Puffin Academy's whitelist and well supported (not blocked).

    Besides, since you know how to open a specific URL by Puffin Academy, you can open the web site by entering its URL directly. If the web site is not in Puffin Academy's whitelist, you will get the message "Web Page Blocked" immediately.

  • I see the message "Web Page Blocked". What's wrong?

    Puffin Academy uses whitelist to control which pages on Internet are accessible to kids. Apparently, you click on a link which is not in the whitelist. It could be a mistake made by the publisher who didn't provide the right information while creating the web app.

    If you found such message when opening a web app in Class Portal, please keep us informed about the web app and the link clicked.

  • I need pop-up window to be enabled, can you make it happen?

    Yes, you can control whether to enable or disable pop-up window.

    In Puffin Academy's settings, look for the item "Block Pop-ups". That's what you are looking for.

  • A web app doesn't display correctly, where should I report to?

    Please kindly understand that the problem can be in Puffin Academy, the web app content by itself, or its publisher give wrong information while creating the web app.

    If you believe the problem is introduced by Puffin Academy, please contact us about what's wrong with the web app and how to reproduce the problem.

  • Will Puffin Academy allow access to general web sites, like Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc. (not designed for kids)


    Only web sites of qualified contents will be allowed.

  • Is there a general guideline or help about how to use Puffin Academy?
    Yes, please visit this page.
  • How can I have my web sites listed in Puffin Academy Class Portal?

    For those publishers providing K-12 educational resources on Internet, including organizations, companies and individuals, you are welcome to join us through Publisher Connect.

    Publisher Connect is a FREE service for publishers to create and manage their web apps in Class Portal. For more information about Publisher Connect, please visit this link.

  • How much is the cost to sign up to use Publisher Connect?

    It's free. No cost.

  • What are the criteria of a qualified web app?

    First of all, it should be of academic contents designed for K-12 kids and teens. The contents should work correctly and properly when displayed in Puffin Academy.

    Second, the web site and the organization/company who own the web site should be of good reputation. Web sites that categorized as adult-, weapon-, gambling-, and drugs-related are always rejected.

    Third, the contents of the web app should be of good quality. A web site is considered as of poor quality if there are lots broken images, missing links, or many pages still under construction.

    Finally, please also refer to the section of "web app spam". Even a web app is of good quality, if it's a spam, it will not be qualified for sure.

  • My web site is not of English, is it possible to be listed in Class Portal?

    Class Portal is of English contents and that's what most Puffin Academy users expect. Please kindly understand that, given there are so many languages in the world, reviewing non-English web sites is generally not possible to us in current stage.

    The possibility is still there but it has to be discussed. Please contact us, of course, in English.

  • Is a web app always a web site?


    There are 2 types of web apps. One type is web site based. The other type is course based.

    Publishers can use whole web site as a single web app. That's the simplest way.

    Depends on the nature of the provided contents on the web site, publishers can also reasonably use parts of its web site contents as a web app as long as they can be logically separated from each other by different courses/subjects. In such case, a single web site can contain many web apps. Each web app represents a course of a specific subject.

    If your web site is huge and cover many subjects/courses, we encourage you to create a web app for each subject/course as long as the subject/courses are of good quality by itself as a whole. With that, teachers and students can easily find your app by subject. Apart from that, you also have more exposures on Class Portal.

  • How can I become a featured publisher on Class Portal?

    Periodically, we present some publishers as "featured" on the home page of Class Portal.

    Class Portal will record the visit count of each web app. Every publisher has an aggregated score based on all of his own web apps. Publishers of top score will be picked as featured publisher.

  • What's "web app spam"?

    Although we encourage publisher to create a web app for each subject/course to increase their exposure, there are still restrictions.

    "Web app spam" is the behavior of creating many web apps of one or more characteristics:

    • pointing to the same URL,
    • the web pages looks almost exactly the same so users can't distinguish those apps from each other,
    • very similar in descriptions so users can't distinguish them from each other,
    • the course/subject is too short to form a meaningful or complete topic,
    • the number of the series of the web apps is too huge or harmful to the normal operation of Puffin Academy.

    For example, only a couple of slides of a presentation are considered incomplete. Making the whole presentation as a web app is ok. But the extraction of each page in the presentation as a web app is generally not.

    Another example, some web sites host hundreds of flash games/puzzles. If the game is just a very simple illustration of a big idea, the game by itself is not considered as a proper candidate as a web app. Consider this, a short course is about a chapter of elementary school arithmetic, there are tens of small flash based games/animations for practice and illustration. For similar cases, separating each small flash game/animation as a web app is not desirable.